Milk Donation

Many women are encouraged to stop their milk production after experiencing a stillbirth. I felt that my milk was not actually mine, but that it belonged to my son Oliver and that donating it was his gift to the world.

This is a set of links to posts about pumping and milk donation as well as a set of resources that I hope are helpful.

This is my first post on milk donation with some info about my supply and timing the pumping:

No one should ever feel pressured to pump and donate, but I have found it to be very cathartic and healing.
This is the milk bank I am using. The hospital put me in contact with them, and they have been very helpful and supportive.
Human Milk Banking Association of North America
United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking

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  1. As a donor milk recipient I want to say you are so amazing for doing this, what a great way to honor Oliver!