Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Dear Oliver,
This is your family. Your grandma took this photo, after trying to take it and taking about 10 videos by mistake.

This was a beautiful moment where we were able to smile.

Right now I am having a hard night, but I want to focus on the love you gave us, and the fact that although I will always be sad that you are gone, I will always be grateful that we had you at all.

Love Mama


  1. What a beautiful little family you have there.

    Much love and hugs headed your way.


  2. You are so strong and amazing. Oliver is lucky to have such wonderful parents to keep his memory alive.

  3. How can something as beautiful as this be equally as heartbreaking. I love the fact that even when you are feeling low you can look at the positive part of it-That you had him at all.
    Love you guys.